About Deadbeat Designs
Hello! My name is Mark Jetton and I’m the owner and designer of Deadbeat
Designs, a little stamp company in Central Texas. I’ve been making stamps for
15 years or so and sell to lucky stores all across the country. While I specialize in
Texas imagery, I have a variety of other themes and I’m adding more all the time!
I’m originally from Houston and worked at a great stamp/stationery store called
Iconography off and on for over 15 years doing demos, making samples and
selling other company’s stamps. I’ve been published in many rubber stamp
magazines and have done three covers for Rubber Stamp Madness. One day
after one too many margaritas I decided to go into business for myself and the
rest is history!

I am REALLY picky so Deadbeat Designs stamps are made to rigorous
standards which means deeply etched rubber and beautiful maple wood
mounts. I do all the work except vulcanize the rubber. Naturally I think my
stamps are perfect but if one ever slips through my quality control department
and you find one that just won’t stamp right, please do not hesitate to contact me
and I will try to solve the problem!

If you know of a stamp or scrapbook store that needs my stamps, tell them to get
in touch! For retail orders, you’ll need a Paypal account to order from me online.
While I feel that mounted stamps give you the best and most consistent results, I will
send your stamps unmounted. Just send me an email and let me know. I can issue a
partial refund on Paypal for the difference. I may eventually get around to changing
every stamp on the website and on Paypal, but I have over 700 images and more work
on the computer is not my idea of a good time!

Keep in mind that you can always remove the rubber from the
wood by putting the stamp in your microwave for 10 seconds and carefully
peeling it off. However, don’t be surprised if you hear your stamp scream!

At this time, my web people (I'm assuming they are human) have not been able to
add a space for stamp sizes. Feel free to email me with questions or check the
gallery page... most cards are A-2 so you may be able to get an idea of the sizes.

I’m no angel but Deadbeat Designs can be considered an ‘angel company’. It’s
such a ridiculous term but as long as you don’t mechanically reproduce my
images I won’t release the dogs. So your hand-stamped cards and crafts are fine
with me but if you make the Forbes 500, I may be giving you a call one day!
I ship most orders USPS Priority Mail. Orders usually take a few days to a week but
if I run out of something it may take a little longer. I’m running this whole operation
by myself so it’s unlikely you’ll get same day service but I’ll try my best to get your
order out ASAP! At this time I do not ship internationally. Shipping rates are as

Total Order     Shipping Rate
$0 - $40.00        $8.00
$40.01 and up   $10.00
If you would like to carry Deadbeat Designs stamps in your store, Please let me
know! A storefront is a must - no home-based businesses. My minimums are 2 per
design, $100 opening orders, $50 reorders. I take credit cards only and all orders
must be paid up front. I'll also be happy to provide hand-stamped samples for you
to display and to give you ideas for classes!